I have a stuckedness problem. I do creative stuff, get stuck, then move on to something else. This “giving up” then creates a slog of anti-creative glue that just completely gums up creative thought.

So today- I’m posting some of my unfinished stuff in an attempt to blow out the clog and quit whatever it is that keeps me stuck. Meh- we’ll see.

Last year, I attempted to revamp Pamo’s World comic. I got this far:

I never finished coloring the second panel. I did write out the conclusion to this set up but felt deflated when I realized I had done something very similar in 2016 (that I never finished). Here that is:

I allowed myself to feel defeated when I realized I keep going through the same slog. Now I’m like… who cares?!!! That’s what the creative process is all about.

Then in January of this year, I did this comic:

I did another few comics after that which I haven’t finished. I’m going to give it a go at finishing those and posting them before 2020 ends. If I don’t finish them- I’ll post them anyway in an ongoing attempt to de-gum.